Glass Experience Class


Reserve now to get a hands-on experience in the art of blowing glass! These experiences are designed as quick introductions to glass blowing. The classes are fun, and make wonderful gifts for yourself, loved ones, or friends. The pieces you create will be ready for pick-up one to two days after your event, or can be shipped to you. You will create several pieces of hand blown glass during your session with the help of an instructor.

DOWNLOAD all the details here:

Glass Experience Class 2017

COST: $185.00 per hour (two people can share the cost: recommended minimum is 90 minutes for $277.50)

Instructor: Elodie Holmes, Jannine Cabossel, Cia Thorne, and Al Leedom (Mr. Al)
Call studio: 505-820-2222
Address: Liquid Light Glass • 926 Baca Street #3
Santa Fe, New Mexico • 87505

2 Responses to “Glass Experience Class”

  1. I have two grandsons that have worked with me on jewelry and glass fusing. They are 11 and 13 years old, both very mature kids who know how to listen and follow directions. If they are eligible, I would be willing to bring them.

    Just let me know as I will need to go to Belen to pick them up before the class.

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