Caldera is Hot as Lava!

Liquid Light Glass presents, ‘Hot as Lava!’ A glass show featuring glass blowing and flint knapping demos. This is a dual reception for the Grand Opening of our newest artists studio at Baca Street Studios #6, Caldera. ‘Why Does it Matter?’ is the title of the show for Sandra Wong, Crockett Bodelson, and Chris Brodsky, a… Read More Caldera is Hot as Lava!


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History of Glass: Innovations and Versatility

Glass is one of the most versatile and useful materials to be forged by nature and improved by human ingenuity. We’ve used glass as tools, for hunting, cooking, in construction, insulation, transportation and plutonium. From telescopes to microscopes. And don’t forget art, design, and jewelry. With the ingenuity of Corning, to the Japanese, glass is… Read More History of Glass: Innovations and Versatility

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BMAC, Day One

Yesterday, on our first day, we had an interesting interaction with someone claiming to have a gallery in Scottsdale. They ordered 4 of my biggest pieces, the calcedonia Auroras, without hardly looking at them. Then, they gave me a San Francisco address for delivery even though their name tags said their gallery was in Scottsdale.… Read More BMAC, Day One

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