Sneak Peek at New Work

‘Worker Bee Girls and Their Garden Tools’ offhand sculpted and blown glass, flameworked parts, and pastorali fused glass. Elodie Holmes 2012. Photo credit Wendy McEahern Photography.

Here is a sneak peek at the first of my new sculptural series on humankind’s smallest domestic animal and superorganism- Apis mellifera or “honey-carrying bee”. What started out as an experiment in making a glass honey comb using a murrine technique, has blossomed (ha!) into an artistic exploration of the bee world. I just can’t help myself! They are incredible! And some of the imagery is perfect for glass. The impressive geometry of the honeycomb, flowing honey, and certain bee behavior are just a few of my inspirations.

Jannine and I have a hive on our property, and are getting another one May 1st. Jannine keeps enlarging the garden, so we thought that by supporting a hive, the bees would have plenty to pollinate. Jannine’s giant pumpkin blossoms were a big hit for the bees last season! We are learning so much about them. I think of my new series as a way to reach out and educate more people about the importance of the bee hive collective. As Jurgen Tautz states in his book, ‘The Buzz about Bees’, “For modern man, bees serve not only as essential coworkers in agriculture,  but as indicators of the state of the environment, and witness of an intact association between humankind and nature.”  More to come…

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