Cia Friedrich ‘The Sole of Art’

Champaigne Stiletto by Cia friedrich

“The Sole of Art” is a one person show of Cia Friedrich’s newest glass work at Liquid Light Glass. The Show opens Friday, November 11th at 5:30 pm and runs through December 2011. ‘The Sole of Art’ is an artistic interpretation of the shoe. From stilettos, to mukluks, Cia’s social commentary and humor shown through the shoe is remarkably clever and skillful. Cia states,”The shoe makes the person. Shoes can be the representation of how one perceives one’s self.  The form of the shoe is used to express both male and female; style or lack of style; class segregation; and personal expression. This diversity is what makes “object expression art” versatile.”

Candy Shoes

The hot glass sculpting processes that Cia uses is  technically challenging and time consuming. In her Murrine Shoe Series, Cia uses a Venetian glass technique of multicolored layers of glass pulled into cane. The glass cane is then cut into cross sections (in this case small tiles called murrine), exposing the colors and patterns inside. The murrine are then fused together in another intricate pattern and manipulated hot on a blow pipe. Then additional glass pieces are applied for the straps and heels. Other shoe building techniques involve sculpting straight off the blow pipe, and the encalmo method.

'Floating in Indecision' by Cia Friedrich

Cia has developed several different sculptural styles over the years which are also being shown in the gallery. One of them is her encased figurative work called the ‘Archeological Series’. These pieces are large, solid expressions of floating torsos in glass. With titles like ‘Separation’, and ‘Floating in Indecision’, they seem to speak of very personal stirrings. Cia Explains, “The Archeological Series started because I love sculpting figures…I want to show expression and movement, or in this case a lack of movement. This illusion of floating keeps you in the spiritual world while observing the material world in indecision. In  ‘Floating in Indecision’, the figure seems trapped. Most of us have experienced the effects of making a decision and the choice to not make a decision. Making a decision creates an energy movement, and not making a decision leaves us feeling stuck. ‘Floating in Indecision’ is exemplary of this specific state of mind and body. The place she is in is a vast space with no solid ground to relate to her body.”


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