Michele Hawley: Paintings on Glass

Koi painting on glass platter

Liquid Light Glass is proud to announce the opening reception for Michele Hawley’s new paintings on glass, “Water and Light”, October 14, 5:30-7:30 at 926 Baca Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The depth, color and detail achieved in these paintings is quite remarkable.  Michele developed her own technique and concept of mixing translucent films of interference colors and oil paint to create paintings that investigate the reflectivity and luminous depths of fish in water.

Michele describes her vision for this beautiful series of paintings:  “I have always been fascinated with the movement, dimension and reflectivity of water.  I am curious about how light and shadow on and in bodies of water affect reflection and perception of depth, and with how these elements affect the appearance of objects seen in water.  I am investigating how what we choose to look at when we look into water affects what we see, and how this affects our whole perception and consciousness.  Do we see reflection of sky and trees, ripples and reflected light, or does the eye fall into glowing depths following the scarcely perceived movement of colorful fish?  I am interested in how suspended materials affect the interaction of light, color and luminosity in bodies of water.  Working with oil paint on sandblasted glass has given me an extraordinary opportunity to explore these contradictions and the ability to give a painting depth in a way that is not possible on any other surface.”

Michele has been drawing and painting since childhood.  Raised in the tradition of the arts, she comes from a family of artists. Her mother, Ann Saint John Hawley, is an internationally known painter; her brother, Richard Saint John Hawley, a successful potter and sculptor; and her sister, Sylvia Hawley, a weaver. Professionally, she decorated harpsichords for Zuckerman Harpsichords in Stonington, Connecticut, and commuted to Paris, France, to decorate for Atelier, Marc du Cornet.

Please join us on October 14th to see this wonderful artists paintings on glass!


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