Chuck Savoie Returns to Santa Fe!

If you weren’t at Liquid Light Glass last year to watch Chuck pull a 30 foot long cane out into the parking lot, you can come this time and watch!

Chuck will return on Saturday, September 10 to give a Maestro demonstration at Liquid Light Glass. His presentation will begin at 10am. Please RSVP Jerry Silverstein by Wednesday, September 7, if you would like to attend.

Of his goblets, Chuck says, “I love the quality of pattern and form together in the time-honored tradition of goblet making. I use various 17th century color formulas that I “weave” in with the crystal to create the rich patterns in the goblets. I feel the pieces embody the festive and the formal spirit of a goblet.”

Jane Sauer Gallery will feature “Chuck Savoie: Pattern and Light” from September 9 to October 11, with a reception on September 9.


                                                                                                         Chuck Savoie Goblets

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