Matt Cummings Maestro Demo — August 26

Liquid Light Glass and Glass Alliance-New Mexico are proud to present Matthew Cummings to Santa Fe. Though he initially majored in painting in college, after taking a required elective class in glassblowing, Matthew Cummings found, in this new medium, the potential to work with color and light in a way that painting could never match. This, coupled with a summer sketching the Masterpieces of Italian figurative sculpture in Rome and Florence, formed the basis for his aesthetics and explorations into glass sculpture.

“In my work, I am attempting to capture the essence of human movement (gesture) through minimal, abstract forms,” Matt says. “Besides concentrating on the form of a single figure, I am challenged by relating figures to one another.”

Influenced by Czech artists such as Vizner and Libensky/Brycktova, who use varying thickness of colored glass to produce subtle variations in color in their cast sculptures, “I was drawn to the challenge of producing a similar effect in blown glass,” he says.

Matt Cummings will be visiting us from his Louisville, Kentucky home to give a Maestro demonstration on Friday, August 26 at Liquid Light Glass. His presentation will begin at 10am. Please RSVP Jerry Silverstein by Wednesday, August 24, if you would like to attend.


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