Janice Vitkovsky- Visiting Artist

Jane Sauer Gallery, Liquid Light Glass, and Glass Alliance-New Mexico welcomes Janice Vitkovsky to Santa Fe. Janice is a minimalist glass artist from Adelaide, South Australia. Jane Sauer Gallery had the first United States solo show of her artworks on Friday, April 22. It was a very well attended and beautiful opening reception of her exhibit.

On Saturday, April 23rd, Janice was invited to demonstrate her glass making techniques at Liquid Light Glass. “The murrine technique is paramount to the execution of my work, allowing me to create intricate flowing patterns.  The glass is cut and layered into strips, fused, then stretched numerous times to create the patterns.  The glass is then fused again, carved and hand finished.” Vitkovsky states: “My work is centered on notions of perception, and I use glass to operate on a metaphorical level, to evoke an impression of impermanence within solid form and abstract landscapes.”  Here is a slideshow of Janice demonstrating at Bullseye Glass and Liquid Light Glass. Photos courtesy of John Marks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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