Last Day of Show

21 February:

The final day of the show was uneventful for us, but one poor soul had his booth collapse! Most of his glass fell and broke when someone from a surrounding booth pulled on one of their poles holding up their booth and the it had a domino effect. We were all freaked out because it could have been any one of us! We took one order and sold and traded glass to other vendors. In the end, we were a tiny bit up from last years take-home invoices. We usually get a few more orders from the show in the next month or two, so we’ll have to wait and see what comes in. Flynn and Ronnie helped us pack all the glass in record time- 1hr 45min! then we took a break for dinner and Jannine and I went back to it at 6pm until 9pm. A few years ago it took the two of us about 7 to 8 hrs to pack the show up! We keep finding ways to make it easier and more efficient. Here are some photos of the breaking-down process:

Flynn starts wrapping the glass
Waiting for the crate so we can box up everything
The four of us taking a dinner break
Ronnie and Jannine
Flynn and Elodie
Walking through the Convention Center Ballroom which used to be where all the trains came in
The aftermath...
Tearing down the booths
The booth is ready to go back to storge, and the glass is ready to come back home

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