BMAC, Day 2-3

Yesterday the convention center had another ‘gate crasher’, a Vietnamese ‘buyer’ without a badge- right in front of Wendy Rosen! He got ‘escorted’ out by the staff before he could even get in. We never saw him only heard about the incident from her. Friday was super busy, Saturday moderately busy, but I think I made a very good account connection. We’ve had many people interested in my Auroras. Today was slow, and so were we! Doing a 4 day show is grueling for exhibitors. We are now in bed at 8:00 tonight after visiting a Malaysian restaurant that Flynn had remembered from last year. Good food!

Tomorrow is the final day of the show- from 10am to 3pm. Then we tear down the booth, pack everything, and everyone is out by midnight. It usually takes us until 10-11 pm, still a tortuously long day. The good news is my daughter, Flynn, and her boyfriend, Ronnie, are here till 6pm- so we will have them help us break down the booth till they go back to school in NYC. I’m going to miss her, but she graduates in May, so we’ll be coming back east for that!


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