BMAC, Day One

Yesterday, on our first day, we had an interesting interaction with someone claiming to have a gallery in Scottsdale. They ordered 4 of my biggest pieces, the calcedonia Auroras, without hardly looking at them. Then, they gave me a San Francisco address for delivery even though their name tags said their gallery was in Scottsdale. When I asked for a business card, they didn’t have one. Then she revealed that they were buying for a friend who had a shop in California. He asked if they could pay by credit card, and left. My red flags were flashing big time, so I asked Jannine to go to the show office with their information they gave me to see if they could run a check on these people—to see if they were legit. At first, it was reported back to me that they were ok. However, later on in the afternoon I was notified by the show staff to cancel the order. The show office had the couple in the office with police, had confiscated their entry badges, and were trying to alert other artists that had written orders with them! Other artists had reported them also. The two ‘buyers’ were Viz Art Glass out of China and Art of Decor from Scottsdale. Viz Art Glass is well known to be doing knockoffs from American artists and infiltrating the American Crafts market. They buy the actual work from American artists and have them copied by Chinese artists in China and then sell them back in the American market at greatly reduced prices. The BMAC even had a meeting for all the artists in the show alerting them to this possibility before the show..

It was good to see old friends again at the Buyers Market today. Sales, so far, were GOOD for me. Let’s wait and see what the rest of the show has to offer! We always look forward to the food at the Reading Terminal Market- lunch was fresh and tasty!


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