The Booth is Ready!

Thursday February 17:

Today we worked from 11am-4 pm (that’s 9 am Santa Fe time). Tomorrow we will have to get up early 7 am (5 am our time) to finish cleaning the glass pieces. Ugh— Not used to this time change! We spent our time today hanging the show, placing the work, cleaning mirrors, adjusting the lights, tweaking how we want it to look, and getting the empty boxes removed. Did I say getting the boxes removed?! Notice the scary photos of the union guys with their forklifts removing the empty boxes. Very scary when they drive by with an empty 12 foot ‘coffin box’ (storage container) right down the center of the narrow aisles by our booth- going BACKWARDS no less!  Here is a look at how it all went down!

unpacking the boxes and barrels....
hanging the work
fork lift expertise...!
now it's our crate's turn to go away...
the final booth- all done!

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