First Day at the Philadelphia Convention Center

Wednesday, February 16:

Today  was a long day- 11:30 am- 7:30 pm with no lunch break. We got the booth ready to set up glass art for tomorrow. It’s amazing how long it takes to create a hidden storage area, square-up the booth (which takes forever!), put down the floor, put up 32 lights, hang curtains, hang platter rack , signage, construct and arrange the pedestals, and clean up for tomorrow.

Here is the ‘before-the-show’ picture in the convention center
This is our booth, and everything is here!
Unpacking the boxes and crate
Oh, Oh…a puctured box! Of course it’s the one with all the Aurora’s in it!!! Luckily, everything was undamaged…
First thing down is the floor- locking rubber mats so our feet don’t tire from standing all day on cement
next are the track lights- assembling, strapping to the poles, and hanging them
more lights…
next are the pedestals
and more lights…
ready for the glass art!

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