Frigid Weather Affecting My Business

Yesterday, the Governor of New Mexico declared a State of Emergency due to natural gas blackouts across our state and Texas. We had just finished a paperweight workshop, that had less participants due to weather related travel changes, when I got a phone call about the natural gas blackouts. The danger for me is if the gas goes off when the furnace is full of glass. Then there are cracking problems that can happen in the crucibles as the glass cools, not to mention when you heat everything up again! It can be disastrous and costly! Well, we got mobilized and ladled out all the glass into buckets full of water. (See the slide show below) The glass can be re-used, but it’s usually a little bubbly. Then I turned the furnace down to a low idling temperature that’s safe. We will go into the studio today for some necessary chores, but will close early. I want to help all I can with the people who are out of heat!

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