Art Work Ships to Philly Show!

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Monday, January 31, 2001—

We shipped our work off to Philadelphia today after making art for the past month and a half. The show,  The Buyers Market of American Craft, is one of the largest shows for buyers in galleries, museums, craft stores, catalogs, etc., to view our work and place orders for the next year or more with us. This has been the main show for getting my work into galleries nationwide for the last sixteen years.

I want to share our journey to the show with you. This is just the beginning! If this is your first time to my Blog, I mentioned in early January that we would take you through the whole process so you would know what it entails. Most people just see the pretty booth at these art shows, but a whole lot of work goes on before hand. Click here to preview some of the new work for the show.

After we made all the art, Marcy spent a week to pack it all. On Monday morning, Jannine and Chris loaded all the boxes and barrels of art onto two pallets, strapping everything down, and using stretch wrap to keep it all together.  About 1000 lbs of glass art!  By Monday afternoon the trucker came to get it all. It will be shipped by truck across the country to Philadelphia. Hopefully it will make it intact with all these snow storms going on across the country! The Philadelphia Convention Center, where the show is held, will hold the pallets until we get there to set up on Feb 16. We will start to set up our booth on Wednesday, and won’t finish until Thursday afternoon. It takes 2 days to make it pretty! Next post on this subject: The flight!


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