My Newest Tall Sculpture!

Twilight Moon Guardian (view 1)

Over the weekend I finished my latest free-standing glass and metal sculpture with my metal smith, Caleb Smith. It is from my Aurora Sculpture Series.  Just shy of 5 feet tall, the long glass piece swivels so you can see both sides, and the small disc underneath swivels horizontally. Caleb has been working with me for years forging the shapes and drawings I give him into beautiful stands. He will often make a suggestion, or create a solution to a texture, patina, or mechanical function, like the swivels. I have worked with bronze in the past, but rely on Caleb’s experience with steel to help achieve the forms and surfaces that I want.

Twilight Moon Guardian (view 2)

This is the fourth tall Aurora Sculpture I’ve made in the last four years (see photos).

I seem to make one a year of these unique, freestanding sculptures. The first year was ‘Aurora Sunrise’; the second year was ‘Aurora Rising’; the third year was ‘Eye of the Nautilus’; and today, ‘Twilight Moon’s Guardian’.

Aurora Sunrise (photo credit Wendy McEahern)
Aurora Rising (photo credit Wendy McEahern)
Eye of the Nautilus

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