New Work for Philadelphia Show

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Here is a preview of some of the new glass pieces that I’ll be bringing to the Buyers Market of American Craft February 18-21. Some of the colors I’ve been making have been turning out so beautiful! I just want to eat them! As some of you already know, I melt my own color formulas. The Calcedonia color, or Mystery Opal, as I call it, is especially beautiful this year. There are several ways to work with the color using heat, timing, and temperature, as well as the actual formula. There are lots of variables in melting this color, but when it’s on, there’s nothing like it! Stay tuned for more!

3 thoughts on “New Work for Philadelphia Show

  1. Elodie…great new work. Miss you. We’re in Orlando at ACRE. Can’t make Philly this time.
    Have a great show. Eddie & Joan

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