Cia’s New Work- SOLD!

Encased Heads by Cia Friedrich

Cia Friedrich created a new sculpture Friday with the help of Jannine and Elodie. The idea was to sculpt a face into hot glass as a negative image to see what it would look like encased in glass. We liked the results so much, that we continued to build it into one of Cia’s newest sculpture ideas, a solid column containing figurative imagery. A buyer who collects Cia’s work came in on Friday, so we let him peek into the annealer to see what she made. We were all excited about the new piece, and couldn’t wait to see it the next day. After being in Taos for the weekend to look at some of Cia’s other figure-encased sculptures, he came back on Monday and purchased her newest sculpture- hot off the press! Congratulations Cia! It’s funny how selling a new sculptural form can help validate the new direction.

Another view of Encased Heads by Cia Friedrich

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