Group Paperweight Class on July 17

Finished paperweight from class
Jannine helps student with color

Here is a photo of a finished paperweight from our class on Saturday, July 17th at Liquid Light Glass. We had 8 people create some beautiful paperweights. Three of the eight participants came back from previous classes to make more glass weights as gifts. The rest of the class had a first-time experience handling hot glass off the end of a blow pipe! The first thing participants do is select colors for their creations. In the second photo, Jannine is helping a student add those colors to hot glass, then the student melts the glass colors at the gloryhole (or re-heat furnace) with Jannine’s help.

After melting the colors, students then cut, twist, turn and pull the glass to blend the colors in a special way. The piece is then encased in the final layer of clear glass- encapsulating bubbles and suspending their color form inside . Elodie helps a student to finish shaping the hot glass into a round form using a wooden block, as seen in the third photo. When the piece is finished, it goes into an annealing oven to go through a very slow cooling process that lasts overnight. The pieces are ready to take home the next afternoon! It’s lots of fun seeing the students faces light-up with surprise, pride, and joy as they compare and marvel at each unique weight, ready for display!

Gift certificates are also available. Just go to the CONTACT page in the right hand column to reach us!

Elodie helps student shape a paperweight

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