Class Schedule


Reservations are required. 


The following dates are tentative and subject to change.


Saturday January 30 2:30

Saturday February 6 10:30

Saturday February 13 10:30

Saturday February 20 10:00

Saturday February 27 2:30

Saturday March 5 10:30

Saturday March 12 10:00

Saturday March 19 1:00

Saturday March 26 10:30

Saturday April 2 1:00

Saturday April 9 10:00

Saturday April 23 10:30

Saturday April 30 10:30

Saturday May 7 10:30

Please call about other dates.  This is my private studio that I have opened up for limited classes. Saturdays and Wednesdays are our preferred days but we will work with you! We need a minimum of 4 people, so call if you want to schedule or to be on a waiting list.

Call ahead 505-820-2222, or email to reserve a spot on the list! We have become aware that our email system has bounced back to the sender recently. We are working on this problem with Google (which is problematic), so please feel free to call if this happens to you! Thanks!

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11 Responses to “Class Schedule”

  1. I would like to schedule my two teenagers to take the class July 5th at 10:30 AM. Isaac Martinez and Ismari Martinez.

  2. I would like to schedule a class for 4 of us on November 8- Saturday afternoon around 3:00.

  3. I would like to reserve 2 spots for your Nov. 1 st paperweight class – 1 paperweight each. ThNK YOU

  4. There are two of us who would love to take a paperweight class on Tuesday, June 23rd. It is the only full day we will be in Santa Fe. Any chance?

    • HI Lynne,

      Unfortunately, we have something else scheduled for June 23. However, you can try calling Patrick Morrissey (505-920-5241) at Prairie Dog Glass. They are just a mile down the road and have more class availability. Try and come by my gallery when you are here if you can. There’s lots to see!


      Elodie Holmes

  5. Hello Elodie! Do you have space for 2 adults for the paperweight class next Saturday morning, June 20?

  6. I’m interested in attending the 10/7 class at 1:30 with my boyfriend. How do I go about reserving us seats?

  7. That would be great! I’m very interested in taking the class.

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